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Airport transfer Arlanda Airport - Stockholm

Airport transfer Arlanda Airport - Stockholm

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Travel to and from the airport of Arlanda. This airport is the biggest one of Stockholm City. The bus stops at all terminals (Terminal 3 to can be reach through Terminal 2)
Arrive at least 10 minutes before the departure time. 


The bus allows just 1 small hand luggage per traveller to take on board. The measurement has to be 40x30x20 cm. Larger luggage is put in a storage space below.
If you want to open your luggage compartment at intermediate stops, you must ask the driver, this is due to security reasons.


If there is space, bicycles can be carried for free. The bicycle should be packed properly. 
Animals can be brought on board also for free and they must be on a cage. 
Safety belts


  • Family tickets are valid for up to two adults and three youths travelling together
  • Up to 2 children under age 7, accompanying a full fare paying adult, travel free of charge
  • Be aware that with bad weather, the journey can take longer.
  • The bus is not equipped for disabled people
  • Personal belongings are not insured
  • No responsibility for any loss, stolen or damage of the luggage, except intent or gross negligence caused by the company.
  • It is permitted to bring and consume food and drink on the coach, but not drinks in paper cups without lids where there is a risk of spilling, nor hot, strong-smelling food which may cause inconvenience to fellow passengers.
  • Smoke is forbidden.