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Ulriksdal Palace and Royal Haga

Ulriksdal Palace and Royal Haga

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Take the bus from central Stockholm to beautiful Haga Park, a part of the Royal National City Park and home to the Crown Princess and her family. From Haga Park you take a short cruise the bay of Brunnsviken to Polska Udden and take a stroll to the royal palace Ulriksdal.
Ulriksdals Palace
Several regents have left their mark on Ulriksdals Palace and this “modern” 17th century palace is a mix between several epochs from Baroque to 1950s. Visit the pleasure garden, Orangery Museum, the Museum of Queen Kristina’s coronation coach, the chapel or take a coffee at the palace café. With the activity book Mitt Ulriksdal, the children can get engaged in the surrounding area of the palace in a playful way.
The ticket is valid 24 hours and includes a bus trip from central Stockholm to Haga Södra, a boat trip from Haga Södra to Ulriksdal, entrance fee to Ulriksdal Palace and a bus trip back to Stockholm.

Season: Off season
Departs from: Gustav Adolfs Torg.
Duration: 5hour 50min
Guided in: Swedish and English

Children 0-5 years are free of charge!